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Birds Nest Fern | 200mm

I am a Birds Nest Fern. I am not your typical fern! Hardier than other ferns,  watch my waxy leaves slowly unfurl and sit pretty on a dresser, shelf or as a table centerpiece.

Sun Smart: “I prefer medium indirect light. Direct sunlight will give me sunburn….ouch!  I can adjust to low light too”.

Thirsty: “Consistency is the key for me! I like my soil to be kept evenly moist and don’t like to be completely dried out. Give me a drink around the edge of my pot and never in the center of my nest”.

Growing Up: “Treat me right and I will treat you to a show of unfurling leaves regularly! I love some fertilising in the spring and summer months. Tend to me and I will reward you handsomely”.

Delivery is available in the Sydney Metro Area. Please make a note in delivery instructions and we will contact you with the courier fee.

Plastic plant pot size 200mm.

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