Bathroom Accessories

Collection: Bathroom Accessories

Saardé has a curated selection of premium bathroom accessories that can transform your bathroom into a beautiful and individual space. The range includes thoughtfully designed and durable soap dishes, toothbrush holders and bathroom trays that can effortlessly organise your bathroom countertop. 

Saardé's resin bathroom accessories designs are matte, with marbled and flowing textures and forms. Elevated through its perfect balance of delicate and sculptural, Resin is a very special texture that instantly adds a designer touch into one's space. The beautiful marbling of each resin bathroom accessory is complimented with light translucency and the fluid forms of each object.  

To bring a natural warmth to your bathroom, consider Saardé's handcrafted range of olive wood bathroom accessories.  The olive wood soap dishes and trays are hard, durable and non porous. Each piece is unique and becomes even darker, richer and more beautiful in colour as it ages.  The collection is perfect for those who value quality and design.