Living Room

Universally known as a welcoming place, the Living Room is where we give a hint of our personal style to anyone who visits our home. To help you start the decoration process we have put together a brief guide with some simple steps and ideas for your inspiration. We encourage you to explore our Living Collection further and find colours and shapes that reflect your particular individuality.

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Start with cushions

Play with cushions of different shapes and materials, create contrast or go tonal. We love the understated luxury of a velvet front with a linen back and the full opulence of fringed velvet.

Add a throw

Choose your favourite texture to soften your space and give it a lived-in feeling. Our favourites for when the season changes are our new Arches Throw and our crinkled muslin-like Enes Throw.

Complete with sculptural pieces

Add a curated touch to your living space with a beautiful sculptural piece as a focal point. Our choice is candleholders in timber for organic & rustic interiors or in marble if you prefer something more elegant & refined.