Steps Towards a Natural Kitchen

Steps Towards a Natural Kitchen

The heart of the home, where we gather, prepare, and (in my household) also eat our meals.  It makes sense to make this area a natural haven, free from chemicals and plastics as much as possible.  Here is some information, resources and tools to help move towards a practical, natural and beautiful kitchen. 
Saardé Dishwashing Liquid
Natural Olive Oil Dish Wash - This dish wash is made using all natural ingredients - no harsh chemicals, dyes or synthetic preservatives.  This makes it especially good for use on baby bottles and children's dishes.  It has an olive oil soap base, meaning it is great for use if you have sensitive or dry skin.

There aren’t as many soap suds…and that’s ok!
There's a commonly held belief that seeing the bubbles of a dishwashing liquid means it is working.  This is a myth!

Dishwashing liquids clean your dishes by using surfactants (surface-active-agents).  These are compounds that, when added to water, reduce the surface tension of water molecules, allowing cleaning agents to penetrate and dissolve dirt on the surface of your dishes.  It is the soap (or saponified) molecules that are the surfactants doing the cleaning.

Tools for a natural kitchen

Vintage Wash Tea Towels Olive Wood Cooking Spoons

Vintage Wash Tea Towel $23

A kitchen essential. Practical and beautiful for the heart of your home, these are flat woven on one side and have a soft short terry back, making them super absorbent and ready to get to work!



Home by Natural Harry is a compendium of DIY recipes, tips, tricks and hacks for a calm, resourceful and tox-free existence. It is a modern reference for anyone who wants to ditch their joyless supermarket habit, reduce plastic waste and save money/the world.
Circular Metal Hanging  Herb Drier
Herb Drier $41

This simple and classical herb drier enables you to enjoy herbs year round. Simply tie a bunch of herbs to the forged hooks in a dry airy space. Great for the bunches of fresh herbs that always seem to be left over.

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