3 Saardé Collections for an Art Deco Inspired Interior

3 Saardé Collections for an Art Deco Inspired Interior


Born in the roaring 20s, Art Deco still remains an endless source of architectural and design inspiration for its bold colours, obscure geometric shapes and patterns and some unexpected yet balanced texture combinations. Our team has picked 3 collections from the Saardé range that will help you recreate a more subtle and yet stunning version of the Great Gatsby's dream in your home.


Photographed by Li Sylvie

Styled by Lauren MacLean | Photographed by Li Sylvie | Sourced via sylvieli.com

1. Flow Resin Collection in Marshmallow

When introducing this new cloud-like colour into our best-selling Flow Resin Range, Art Deco wasn't necessarily on our minds. Yet we can't help but notice its resemblance to bakelite - material that used to be so popular in the era of style moderne. Due to their handmade nature, our Flow Resin Bathroom Accessories are all unique with no two patterns being the same which makes them even more true to what Art Deco stands for. 

2. Brass Accessories

It's impossible to imagine an Art Deco interior without shiny brass accents. This material has an amazing ability to elevate the whole space by turning simple hardware such as bathroom taps or wall hooks into sophisticated centrepiece art objects. Our Fan Taps and Hooks are handmade of solid brass in Turkey and are a true artisan product with beautiful flecks and marks. To set an intriguing mood in your living room - add the Arch Incense Holder designed by Saardé's own Shenol Kizek.

Brass Collection3. Velvet Cushions

If you need one reason to love Art Deco - here it is: back in the days of Greta Garbo velvet was big. We're talking decadent velvet couches and armchairs in all their boldness of shapes, forms and colours. If you want to recreate the style but don't have one of those handy - don't panic, you don't need to throw your couch out of the window just yet. Our Velvet Cushions range brings that shiny luxurious feel and texture making them an epitome of relaxed, retro styling - colour boldness included.

Velvet Cushions Range


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