A full guide to our Sanctuary Bed Heads.

A full guide to our Sanctuary Bed Heads.

Which colour is right for my space?

• Ivory or Oatmeal for elegant & classic style.

• Olive, Nutmeg or Guava for a warm mid-century or eclectic style.

• Charcoal for a sharp contrasting modern style.     

 What size should I choose? 

 Choose one size up from your bed base size to make your bed ensemble look more luxurious & relaxed.
 Our collection includes sizes from Queen to Super King based on standard Australian bed dimensions.  

How do slipcovers work?

 Made from 100% Lithuanian Linen to perfectly fit our pine wood frames with soft padding.
 Can be replaced whenever you need to wash it or want to refresh your bedroom with a new colour. 
 Replacing the slipcover takes 2 minutes and can be easily done by one person.

Can I get the bedhead frame from somewhere else? 

• Our slipcovers were designed to perfectly fit our bed frames.
• Other frames may not be able to provide the same seamless fit.

Can I wash my slipcovers? 

 Cold machine washing as a separate load and line drying in the shade minimising sun exposure to safeguard the linen against uneven fading.
 Vacuum the fabric to remove dust & dirt.

Can I order an extra slipcover? 

• If you already have our bed head frame you can order a new slipcover at any time.
• Get a replacement for the old one or simply refresh your bedroom with a new colour.

How much is the delivery? 

 As with any other order over $100, complimentary shipping on all bed heads & slipcovers around Australia.
 Dispatch within 24 hours around Australia.

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