TRENDING STYLE: Warm Minimalism.

TRENDING STYLE: Warm Minimalism.

Say hello to Warm Minimalism - one of the main interior trends of the new year! Born from classic minimalism this style utilises simple forms and keeps the space open with lots of room for breathing. At the same time, the new trend quietly celebrates pared-back colours and natural textures providing comfort and a lived-in feeling. Here is how you can create this soothing ambience in your space in just a few simple steps. 
1. Keep it tonal.

Evident from the name, Warm Minimalism brings colour into focus. It's recommended to avoid sharp contrasts and stay within a pared-back palette with smooth tonal transitions. Deeply comforting Natural, Nutmeg & Terracotta hues are a great place to start.

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2. Textural mix & match. 

A liberation from ascetic plain surfaces, Warm Minimalism explores a variety of natural textures giving interiors depth and interest. Try combining European linen with tufted & vintage wash cotton and see how beautifully they work together. 

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3. Harmonious layering. 

Layering a considered combination of natural materials and textiles is what makes Warm Minimalism sing.  Smooth, crinkled, herringbone or honeycomb - curate your selection thoughtfully and watch the harmony unfold. 

4. Focus on statement objects. 

Finally, Warm Minimalism is about decluttering and keeping it simple & clean. Edit down your bookshelves & coffee tables and let your treasured statement pieces shine. Our Mango Wood & Resin designs are perfect just for that.  


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