Saardé 2022 Wrapped

Saardé 2022 Wrapped

Another year draws to a close and here comes the time to look back and celebrate the most loved designs & cherished launches that we were lucky to share with you over the past twelve months. Presenting “Saardé 2022 Wrapped” – a shortlist of timeless styles that you’ve been choosing to make your homes look & feel beautiful this year.
1. Best of signature Saardé.
Our Liquid Hand & Body Wash has been in our range since the beginning of Saardé and is loved by many for its lush texture and amazing natural properties that are so good for the skin. This year the product has obtained a new sculptural vessel beautifully designed by our friend Thomas Kiourtsis in Greece, making it even more luxurious – inside and out.
2. New favourites.

First introduced in 2021 our Chickpea Bath Towel Collection has been re-imagined this year in a new rich earthy colour palette ranging from natural to nutmegolive to black tones. Celebrated for their softness, absorbency & original design our Chickpea Towels & Bundles have become one of the most cherished products this year.

3. Most loved of all time. 

For the second year in a row, our Recycled Moroccan Glassware is the most praised of all the products in the Saardé collection. Handcrafted by the artisans at Beldi Country Club in Marrakesh, this collection is as unique as it is sustainable. Each piece has its character adding a beautiful presence to your festive tables & daily dining rituals.

4. Stylists’ pick.

This year resin has been one of our most loved newly discovered materials. We were inspired to experiment with various colours and shapes while working with our makers in India which resulted in the expansion of our Flow range to Tabletop & Kitchen products. It has been extremely humbling to see this collection become top of the list not only for our customers but also for stylists who use our products for their client’s spaces and magazine shoots, such as the latest issue of Gourmet Traveller.

5. Special launch of the year. 

Trying something new is always wrapped in excitement with a touch of nervousness. Our very first collaboration “WHERE THE BLOSSOMS MEET THE SEA” created together with mural artist Nastia Gladushchenko was welcomed with such warmth which made this experience even more special. This limited-edition Beach & Bath Towel is currently available in-store & online to take with you into your summer adventures.

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