Buying your first Saardé Vintage Wash Towel? Here is what you can expect.

Buying your first Saardé Vintage Wash Towel? Here is what you can expect.

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Vintage Wash Towels are one of our signature products here at Saardé. The range was first introduced almost 10 years ago and quickly became one of our best-selling products thanks to their timeless design and amazing product properties. Our Vintage Wash Towels feel a bit different compared to traditional bath towels, but once you try them – you won’t go back. Here is what you can expect when you buy your first one.


1. It has this cool worn-in retro look. 


Although the cool look is not everything it certainly is a thing! The stonewash process that our towels go through creates this beautiful worn-in retro look that is relaxed and effortless. The range comes in 6 timeless earthy tones and 2 colour pops to give your bathroom a bright edge. Flat-woven on one side and short terry on the other, our Vintage Wash Towels are ready to pull the weight on elevating your bathroom to the new level of spa-like sophistication. Add fragrant incense and some essential oils into the mix and you won’t be able to tell the difference!


2. It’s more lightweight than a traditional bath towel.


When you first pick up your new Vintage Wash Towel you might be surprised how lightweight it is compared to a traditional bath towel. Thanks to the highest quality 100% OEKO-TEX® Turkish Cotton our Vintage Wash Towels are both lightweight and functional. As a result, they dry much quicker without compromising on absorbency. As an extra bonus, they drape so beautifully whether you wrap them around your body or effortlessly hang them on the hook in your bathroom. Alternatively, you can throw your Vintage Wash Towel into one of our Journey Tote Bags and head off to the beach looking great and feeling light.   



3. It will get softer with every wash.


Our Vintage Wash Towels are famous for impressing people with their incredible softness when you first buy them. You may have experienced some traditional bath towels, they get stiff and scratchy after washing - which is hardly a nice experience for your skin. With Vintage Wash Towels you get exactly the opposite – the more you wash them the softer they become. For extra pampering - add one of our Natural Olive Oil Soaps into your shower routine and your skin will be thanking you every day.


4. It will also get more absorbent with every wash.


When you first buy your Vintage Wash Towel, we recommend washing it prior to the first use. This way you allow the cotton threads to expand and maximise the benefits of beautiful Turkish Cotton absorbency. For extra tips and tricks on how to keep your Vintage Wash Towels soft and absorbent – read this full care guide, we released in the Journal earlier.



5. You will need to spend less water & detergent when you wash your towels.


Sounds almost too good to be true but with Vintage Wash Towels you’ll be spending less water and less detergent when washing them. Thanks to their lightweight properties our Vintage Wash Towels take less room in the washing machine compared to traditional bath towels and therefore you’ll be able to fit more of them into one washing cycle. Using less detergent will make them even better as particles of soap won’t be clogging up the cotton fibres making your towels softer and more long-lasting. 


Our Vintage Wash Bundles are a great way to give your bathroom a fresh and cohesive look.

Shop our Vintage Wash Towel Bundle (incl. 1x Vintage Wash Towel, 1x Vintage Wash Hand Towel, 1x Vintage Wash Bathmat, 1x Vintage Wash Face Washer) or Vintage Wash Bath Sheet Bundle (incl. 1 x Vintage Wash Bath Sheet, 1x Vintage Wash Hand Towel, 1x Vintage Wash Bathmat, 1x Face Washer) and get Free Shipping around Australia.


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Keen Dyer

I bought some of these towels and they are absolutely gorgeous.
They are light weight and super absorbent.
I have just ordered a different colour to compliment my newly renovated bathroom.
These towels are a very good investment.

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