Nostalgic Memories of Our Fathers

Nostalgic Memories of Our Fathers

Finding the right gift for Father’s Day can be a challenging task to tackle. This year the Saardé Team decided to search for inspiration in the old photos and nostalgic memories of our treasured rituals with our dads, their signature dishes, and the best life tips they’ve given us that we carry in our hearts.

Shenol Kizek, Founding Partner

I grew up in a small town in Turkey surrounded by a close community.  My favourite ritual with my dad was to climb up on his shoulders and go visit our neighbours in the late afternoon. His signature dish was a rather unusual combination of pasta with yoghurt and sugar. Funnily enough, all my three sons love this dish too! He used to say that our life is contained in 3 balls that we always juggle. The first one is work & money, the second one is friends and the third one is family. If we drop the first or the second one – we can fix or replace them but the third one is made of crystal and is something that can never be dropped.

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Verity Kizek, Founding Partner 


Dad would always buy us books for Christmas (he still does, and he now does for all the grandchildren too).  I love that there is always a pile of books under the tree and the hours of reading to follow. His signature dish – is Crumbed Lamb Cutlets with Mint Sauce. We loved them when we were little and still do! An example our dad showed us, and I try to follow with my three boys - I have never heard a word of criticism from him, only ever words of support and advice - this gave me the encouragement I needed to follow my dreams, wherever they lead.




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Vina Thompson, Showroom Manager

I grew up in New Zealand spending lots of time outdoors and my fondest memory of my dad is when we used to build rafts with tyre inners and pallets and then take them to the river to float ourselves downstream. He also made a great impact on my music taste spending hours listening to soul music with him from his vinyl collection.His specialty dish is Fried Rice and I’d still choose it over any restaurant meal on any day.He taught me that one should treat people with dignity and respect, especially if you are in a position of authority or power. It's a true reflection of who you are at your core.

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Amanda Li, Accounts Manager     
My special ritual with my dad was always getting McDonald's after tutoring or piano lessons on weekend afternoons. We'd enjoy our meal in the car while listening to my dad's favourite 80s music and telling me stories about his childhood. It's a little treat to celebrate the end of a long week and something we still do. My dad makes the best fried rice that he always cooks on a lazy weekend night. His best life tip for me is not to take the bad moments to heart, and always remember to focus on the good that happens.
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Julia van Camp, Marketing Manager


I spent my early childhood in a small town in Siberia and there wasn’t much going on so my dad would encourage me to find entertainment using my own creativity. We had so much fun doing DIY projects together - from writing our own bedtime stories to building 3D cities from cardboard to taking photographs and then developing film in the bathroom. All this made a great impact on who I am today. Dad is a great cook but my favourite dishes of his are anything to do with fish – cured, baked or charcoal grilled. He never uses any recipes, and it always turns out amazing! He is a living example that helped me build my character by showing that kindness, resilience and bravery are the main virtues one can develop, nurture and treasure to get ahead in life.

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