Create Your Oasis at Home

Create Your Oasis at Home

Design Inspiration from Some of Our Favourite Titles
As a community, we are spending more time in our homes than most of us have experienced in our lifetime -bringing into sharp focus the profound impact design has on our lives.  Good design bestows on your home visual harmony, ease of movement, and meets your specific living needs. 

You only need to make minor considered design changes to reap the benefits.  Or, if you are undertaking a new build or renovations, thoughtful design can be the foundation for all your decisions from the outset.

iO Tillet Wright, author of Oasis - Modern Desert Homes Around The World writes 

"this book is for you: The dreamers

who fantasise about a life lived differently

with your feet on the ground

and your head in the clouds..."


iO Tillet Wright explains Casa Mirador is built around an old espino tree, long-twisted by winds blowing in from the Pacific Ocean. Architect Matîas Zergers monument to simplicity is designed to host daily visitors from the surrounding vineyard.


The Stargazing Suite sits aloft in architect Malek Alqadi's off-grid steel cabins abode aptly named Folly. Wright tells the suite was

"designed to give visitors an experience every child dreams of - sleeping under the stars."

Design Tip Displaying large artwork can help define areas within your home, especially in open-plan interiors
//Banksia Grand Format Digital Print on Cotton Rag using Archival Ink 


Design Tip Adding textures and layers instantly creates a tactile & visually engaging oasis in your bedroom.  Layering natural fibres allow for better body temperature regulation which is crucial to a good night's rest.
//pictured Enes Bedcover in Charcoal, Shore Duvet Cover in Natural, Shore Tufted Pillowcases in Natural, Chizgi Lumbar Cushion
The motivations to downsize are many, says Living Little author Hannah Jenkins—and they include the high cost of urban areas, and the desire to live affordably on one’s own. But one thing’s for sure
—"It most certainly does not mean we have to compromise on design and quality of life," she writes.

Everything in its place and a place for everything....
Working with a floor space a tad under 15 sqm, Michael Lamprell, the designer of this cabin in Adelaide, considered layout includes space for a king-size bed, toilet, shower, heater, two-burner kitchen stove, full-size sink, and fridge. The interior is clad with light-coloured wood, which helps to enhance the sense of space. Large windows bring plenty of natural light, while the clever design means everything the resident needs is within easy reach.

Design Resource:

Hints, Tips & Favourites

Sculptural wooden elements positioned in a group or solo soften a space adding a sense of calm.

//pictured Alev and Toulin Candle Holders crafted from sustainable Repurposed Mango Wood

"A collection of objects, no matter how mundane, tells a story. They are like a little world; you can get lost in them." - John Bokor.

//pictured from the Natural Poet's Dream Collection - Water Jug, Fruit Bowl, Bowl, Jug


Still Life explores the diverse practices of more than forty contemporary Australian artists and documents a repertoire of styles, subjects, visions, and philosophies.

Well-placed glassware catches the light without overwhelming a small space.

//pictured our Large Organic Carafe made in Morocco, mouth-blown from recycled glass


A soft Cushion creating a calm and cosy spot to lounge.

//pictured Velvet Square Cushion in Latte

Throws and blankets are yet another design key to unlocking another layer of tactile depth to your home.

//pictured Jasmin Lambswool Throw in Vison, Velvet Square Cushion in Nutmeg.


"Hare + Klein's Interiors strike a fine aesthetic balance between sophistication, elegance and relaxed Australian approach to living beautifully at home" - David Clark of David Clark Design.  Lose yourself in the pages of Meryl Hare's second tome which documents and celebrates this fêted and multi-award winning Sydney Interior Designer's work.

//pictured Hare + Klein Interior by Meryl Hare

Wrap your cold hands around these speckled, ceramic gems.  Robert Gordon delivers form and function by the cupful with this set of 2 Latte Cups from the Natural Earth Range.  The organic shapes and earthy hues mean you can style them into unexpected groupings adding a grounding element to your home decoration.


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