Saardé Christmas Gift Guide - Home Edition

Saardé Christmas Gift Guide - Home Edition

For those who gifts thoughtfully


Well, here we are - another season of silliness and gift-giving is upon us. 

This year the Christmas magic feels extra special as we’re reconnecting with our loved ones. What better way to show how much we treasure them than by filling their Christmas stockings with something beautiful, sustainable and thoughtful (and hopefully not breaking the bank while doing that).

Guess what? We have prepared the perfect Saardé Gift Guide just for that!

From the heart to the Christmas tree - shop our curated collection of kitchen, dining and bathroom accessories made of natural and recycled materials for a warm touch with a gentle smile. 


Olive Wood Range (from $9 to $39)

Whether it’s for someone who always knew their way around kitchen utensils or only recently learned what a spatula is  - they will love our stunning and yet practical Olive Wood range. Each piece is handcrafted, unique and becomes even more beautiful as it ages.


Brass Range (from $39 to $89)

Who said that everyday items have to hide in the cupboard? Treat your mum or sister to something shiny that they can proudly keep on the kitchen bench and make good use of too.


Tea Towels (from $23)

“I’ve got too many tea towels” - said no one ever! Gift-giving is made easy with our 100% Turkish Cotton Vintage Wash range. Flat-woven on one side with soft terry towelling on the back, they’re super absorbent and ready to get to work.

Glassware (from $7)

The joy of clinking glasses whilst watching someone carefully sneaking away yet another piece of turkey is what Christmas day is about, right? Select from our range of traditional and modern glassware made of recycled bottles. Comes in clear glass for fun colourful cocktails or amber hues for extra warmth around the table.

Grazing Boards (from $99)

Everyone has a friend who has been searching for that perfect grazing board forever. Put their search to an end by giving them one of our best-selling Yufka Grazing Boards made from repurposed Mango Wood. Wrap it nicely, say it’s a cricket paddle and watch the reaction. 

 Soap Bar (from $15)

Self-care has been a word of the year for many of us - and we’re not here to stop you. For decadent fragrant baths or quick hot showers - our natural olive oil soap bar’s got you covered. Did we mention they smell delicious too?

Glass Soap Holder ($45)

Inspired by sea glass, this artisan-made soap dish makes for the perfect addition to any bathroom. How’s that for a Secret Santa special?

 Resin Soap Dish ($39)

Best for last - our Flow Resin range has been the hottest hit of the season. Each soap dish is handmade and no 2 patterns are the same. Distinctive and organic with curved lines and a marbled finish, they’re simple but oh so impressive! 

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