Saardé 2021 Wrapped

Saardé 2021 Wrapped

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And then there was the end of 2021...
Looking back at another rollercoaster of a year, here at Saardé we like to think of it with gratitude. Like everyone else, in the past twelve months, we had to navigate through many challenges - from temporarily shutting the doors of our retail store to having to hide our smiles from our lovely customers behind the masks.
One thing that has carried us through these peculiar times was the ability to see life as a celebration - in all its twists, details and imperfections, no matter how small or large. 
The amount of love that you, our customers, have given us, by no means can be called small. We felt your In return,  we were more excited than ever to design goods for you to create a home that feels good to live in (especially when you're locked in).
To wrap it up we want to look back and cherish the most loved products that you, our customers, have been celebrating together with us. Without any further ado - presenting: Saardé 2021 Wrapped.

This year we have released a few new exciting products and your most favourite was... Amber Glassware! That affection is easy to understand - it’s handmade, it’s recycled and yet it’s minimalist and im-perfect!

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Although we wouldn’t call it “an oldie but a goodie” our Moroccan Clear Glassware collection has been your all-time favourite - for its versatility, artisanal quality and uniqueness.
 And guess what? It’s currently in stock in-store and online so if you haven’t gotten your hands onto it yet - it could be just what your Christmas table has been missing.


It doesn’t come as a surprise that this year you’ve been wanting to wrap yourselves in warm earthy tones choosing Charcoal, Olive and Nutmeg as your favourite colours. Mix and match all three or shop them individually in our gorgeous Cocoon and Vintage Wash Towel gift sets.



We were delighted to see some familiar faces coming back for their Saardé top-ups through the year. One item you couldn’t seem to get enough was our 100% natural Olive Oil Soap Bar.


Did you know you can subscribe to receive a delightful fragrant package of soaps right into your postbox every 30 or 60 days without having to lift a finger? Simply open a page with your favourite bar soap and pick “Subscribe and save 5%”.



It always warms our hearts to read your wonderful product reviews on our website. One particular range that you’ve given most love this year was Enes bedcovers and throws. Fair enough - once you feel their soft cotton texture with pockets of air packed into every wrinkle - it’s really hard to resist not telling the world about it. 


To thank you for your kind words - every review left on our website enters a monthly draw for a $50 gift voucher in our store. To get into the draw  - look out for a prompt “We'd love your review” email after your next Saardé purchase and tell us what you think.

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Thank you . It was put it really nicely

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