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Stylist's Recommendations on How to Mix and Match Your Shore Bed Linen

Stylist's Recommendations on How to Mix and Match Your Shore Bed Linen
Shore Bed Linen Collection
When we designed our Shore Bed Linen Collection we wanted to keep it simple and yet distinctive. That's why we took the highest quality blend of OEKO TEX®  50% Cotton, 50% Linen as a base, added the cutest tufted details.. et voilà! Not only it is super soft and breathable for your skin but also so fun to look at and so beautiful to touch.
We kept the colourways within our signature palette starring the clean earthy tones of White, Nutmeg, Olive and Natural and making every set available for purchase together or separate, in case you like to mix and match.
As fun as the mix and match part sounds, we know it can be quite intimidating. That's why we teamed up with an amazing Sydney based interiors and lifestyle photographer Jacqui Turk and came up with a few ideas on how you can arrange different colours and textures together to reflect your style and personality. Spoiler alert: with just 5 colours there is something for everyone!

1. Freshness with Character: Chizgi Stripes on Olive & White

A crisp and bright combination of Olive & White looks so good and well rounded when you layer it with the natural coloured cotton/linen Chizgi Throw. At the end of the day, how can you not love those stripes!

Shore Bed Linen Olive

2. Earthy Warmth: Nutmeg on Olive

These two colours were born to complement each other! With Olive being a dominant tone those Nutmeg accents make the whole set look so warm and cozy. Don't miss out on the opportunity to play with texture, putting our cotton Enes and Nurture Throws at the end of the bed.

Shore Bed Linen Olive

3. Bring in the Mood: Charcoal & Natural on Olive

For those who want it a bit cooler - throw in some Charcoal and Clay tones complimented with a black side table lamp and you'll get a slightly more brutal and moody yet welcoming look.

Shore Bed Linen Olive

4. Caramel Latte Vibe: Nutmeg & Natural

Now, this is a colour combination you could drown in for an entire weekend. Caramel Nutmeg softened with Natural tones looks warm yet fresh, ready for a slumber party. Of course, this will require lots of pillows - luckily you can choose from our Enes, Velvet and Vintage Wash Collections.. or have them all!

Shore Bed Linen Nutmeg

5. Not Quite Terracotta: Nutmeg, Natural & Paprika

Everyone is obsessed with terracotta bed linen at the moment. Seriously, we'd make a safe bet you'd be able to find at least 5 friends who have it in their bedrooms. So we decided to play a mind trick: put together the Nutmeg Duvet Cover Set, Paprika Vintage Wash Cushion & Natural Flat Sheet  for a sun-drenched earthy terracotta feel, that is richer and more layered than straight up terracotta bedding. We think it's a success.

Shore Bed Linen Nutmeg

6. Calm & Grounded: Nutmeg, Olive & Clay

Simple and to the point: tone down the Nutmeg with Olive and Clay, keep it playful with the textures of Enes Covers and Vintage Wash Cushions. Minimalistic doesn't have to be boring. 

Shore Bed Linen Nutmeg


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